Drive by Grandpa – Episode 19

Drive by Grandpa – Episode 9

The Girl with the Golden Eyes…

…The sun slowly begins its journey West sinking low on the horizon casting long shadows over the scarlet sumac and illuminates the late blooming golden rod in its final bow. In the indigo twilight, a crescent moon rises and a soft breeze with just a touch of fall’s impending breath rustles the hollow cornhusks their tasseled heads bow in submission. The maples along the ridgeline valiantly resisting the inevitable change while the imperious firs silently watch on. Its there I catch a glimpse of the girl with golden eyes saying her wistful goodbyes…

The Dandelion

A warm glow wicks away the morning moisture
Old man willow stretches and sways
Birches murmur and gossip in the breeze

A patchwork of golden stars on dark green sky
An intoxicating mix of honey and sunshine
God’s sweet breath of heaven on earth

As fleeting as the memory of first love
A gossamer globe perfect in its symmetry
Summer’s sojourner departs on a breath…

’73 Pickup

…I had no idea what I was getting into I think as I wipe a gritty arm across my brow and adjust the hard hat; the sun continues its slow climb in the cloudless sky. The shovel is heavy in my hands long since calloused and toughened by the monotony that is squaring up footers in the red clay of the Carolinas. The dust slowly eddies and whirls in the shadeless expanse with only the temptation of a breeze. In the distance the universal signal for break is given, God how long had it taken to figure that one out. I no longer bother trying to shake the dust off my jeans as I slide into my ’73 pickup with a quick prayer that the linkage holds I bounce out of the lot. Read more ›