The Farm

…My body long since numb from the old John Deere beneath me, the baler hums and thumps behind leaving its squares in a neat row. The sun inches its way toward the tree line and an afternoon breeze has picked up, it carries the sweet smell of cut hay intermingled with the murmurs of the crew tossing bales in the lower fields. My dusty cap wipes a trail across my brow as I watch the dance of maples along the rock wall their broad leaves turning silver backs to me, a forecast of things to come. The dragon flies flit  in and out, teasing, knowing an afternoon storm is coming as time races away… but these are the good days, the days of sun and sweat, hard work and gentle nights, the days before the dark time, before it all went away, before a creeping evil turned all the world grey and stole the magic of the farm…

Authors Note:  I have fond memories of the long days of late summer baling hay on my mother’s horse farm in NE Pennsylvania. She was diagnosed with cancer the winter of my 24th year and passed in the early days of August that next summer – that was many, many years ago, but I can’t pass a freshly baled field without remembering those days on the farm and how much I still miss her…

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Born in Manhattan in 1965 Joseph Castagno is the son of a second generation Italian American father. His mother’s family were mixed heritage people: Indigenous Haudenosaunee, French, some of the earliest Dutch settlers of the Hudson Valley. Growing up with such a multicultural heritage provided him with a view of both the immigrant experience, a perspective on the founding principles and ideals of the United States as well as the original teachings and ways of Northeastern Indigenous people. Having lived all over the United States Joseph has a broad perspective on US society and the variety of social values and customs that make up this great country. He currently resides in Florida with his wife Tammy, having raised four children they are now enjoying their grandchildren. Joseph has always had a passion for reading and writing and has published a number of articles in local papers and magazines. After a long career in healthcare he published his first novel “Jake” in 2016 drawing on his experiences and observations living in the Southeast and Florida. His current novel “Traffic” has just been published and he is currently working on his next novel and spoiling his granddaughters!



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