Are we there yet?

Nancy purses her lips, deep cherry red gloss of course, as she plugs the twins Timmy and Jenny into the screen synchronizer with the new 3D multimedia interface, the new ports had hardly left any scars and the twins had healed almost immediately. The digital entertainment center with the upgraded implant adapters had been a major selling point for her and Dan when looking at a new van. Handing the seven year olds their display projectors she calls for Dan to hurry up. It takes forty-seven minutes to get to her parents and they were already eleven minutes behind schedule. If they didn’t get started she was going to miss another virtual yoga session with Nancy and Katie. She was worried Yogi Alexander was going to unplug her for good this time. She had waited months for an opening and some silly family day outing with her parents wasn’t going to cost her that spot. “Where is Dan,” she grumbles, pinging his number again!

“Does she never shut up,” he thinks as Nancy’s number scrolls across his heads up display. He just needed a few more minutes to finish up this final round of the virtual baseball draft. With the season getting underway in the Pan Asian league later that morning he and his buddies had delayed as long as possible. “I’m coming,” he messages her, “just relax”. He knows this trip to her parents for some superstition filled discussion about a Savior, resurrections, a hand cooked meal, and who knows what else, had her all worked up. Her parents were definitely part of a dying breed. Heading out to the van he sees the kids are already plugged in and ready to go. Telling the house to lock up and close the garage he starts the van and heads West to the highway. Well – keys the destination in anyway. There hadn’t been a need to actually navigate and manually drive in what? – fifteen plus years?

“So how much longer do you think we will have to make this trip,” he asks Nancy? “I mean really, weren’t we just here six months ago over the winter holiday, and your father with that crazy tree thing he does, I don’t know where he even finds one; I just don’t know why we keep doing this”. Nodding her head she agrees, “I don’t know Dan. I thought they would have given this up a long time ago. Honestly I don’t even know why they insist on keeping their own place. At their age they should have been in one of the shelters by now. I mean who lives on their own after sixty? Look, we’ll stay our normal fifty minutes and go. I need to get back for yoga anyway and I am sure you have better things to do as well”.

Dan looks over at her, “hey is that cherry gloss? I thought so. Honey you’re right. Let’s just get it over with. You know what I just realized? Not a peep out of those two in the back. That system is worth every dollar if I never have to hear, “are we there yet,” again…”


Short Stories

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