The Old Neighborhood

So I’m hanging out in the old neighborhood the other day having a cappuccino and who should I see but Vinnie Vermicelli, now I haven’t seen Vinnie since he and I used to fight over that sweetheart Kathy Calamari… man she was a dish! Anyways, we get to talking and he tells me that Sammi Salami is engaged to Mary Mozzarella, can you believe this, Sammi? I’m like no way she was with Peter Pepperoni forever. It’s true and if that ain’t enough Maria Marinara and Larry Lasagna are married and expecting, I can’t wait to see how that turns out. Vinnie has been dating Cami Cannoli much to the chagrin of her big brother Carmine, he always seemed a little sweet to me, but hey to each his own I guess. I look up and would you believe Marty Mortadella and Bobbie Bruschetta are walking through the door, so of course we have them join us. Now Bobbie is a talker and she is going on about Sal Soppresseta and what a hot head he is. Apparently Tony Tortellini was caught with Sals little sister Sammie Soppresseta. Tony never was very bright I still remember the day he stole Frankie Fettuccini’s car I thought the Scungilli brothers were going to tear him a new one. We’re having a good laugh about that when Patty Provolone shows up bragging about this new restaurant Lenny Linguini and Paulie Primavera just opened. It was good to see everybody, but I sure was hungry after that…


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