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Fast Food

So normally I try to keep my restaurant reviews positive, I mean folks are trying right? Residual pandemic impacts make it difficult to find help right now and well benefit of the doubt should be the rule… 

I just couldn’t keep this one inside anymore, it was really eating me up. I’ve been seeing a ton of reviews on the FB page for McWenking’s – especially this order from your vehicle option, WOW! I have to be honest though upon approach I was taken aback by the large display of menu options it was confusing and what’s more it wasn’t exactly clear what the different combinations were called (I learned shortly after that I was supposed to use the less than clear numbering system); well as you can imagine my confusion led to a number of shouted epithets and car horns behind me. I think we can safely assume they are understaffed with such a back-up of people trying to order. I think a waiter or at least a host could have made this process much simpler – just saying. 

Well, I finally opted for the #2 – now I try not to be sensitive, but the offer to make it a large I felt was just body shaming; I know I’m a big person and it’s not like I haven’t been working on it… well sorta, but really do we need to broadcast it over the speaker system so everyone in line can have a good chuckle – I don’t think so. I am who I am though so I admit I accepted the offer. 

Well once I pulled around to pay for my meal, I have to say I was a little surprised at the pricing… I mean seriously $9.29 for a double burger meal? I can buy almost two pounds of ground beef at Publix for that! If the price wasn’t exorbitant enough they shoved what I later found out was my meal out a window in of all things a paper bag… I could see the grease starting to come through… uh not very appetizing. 

Now the meal itself was a bit of a disappointment, the burger although hot seemed as if it was built on an assembly line – definitely not hand crafted – doesn’t anyone take pride in their work anymore? Fries were a tad limp as if they had been cooked and then just dumped in a bin to sit until the next person ordered them – how about cooked to order and who knew salt was the only seasoning available – has no one heard of pepper, garlic, parsley, anything? The drink was a bit flat and served in this flimsy paper cup that was sweating pretty much immediately – at least the straw was plastic, I heard a rumor that some places are using paper! 

Now I know you are going to ask why I didn’t ask to see a manager to inquire if they could make things right, and well I did try even though it was a very long wait in that car line. Got to the window and asked first for a complimentary dessert to make up for my less than stellar experience… ice cream machine wasn’t working so no joy there. I then asked for the manager, who to their credit did come to the window and listen to my issues… I haven’t heard language like that since the Navy! I honestly don’t know how these people are going to stay in business!

Hope this helps out some other citizen contemplating one of these establishments, the bright lights and entertaining cartoonish characters seem exciting from the roadside, but buyer beware! I am not completely over that whole upsizing thing either… 

Drive by Grandpa – Episode 11

The Coffee Rant…

Now here is the thing about going on a “Rant” there is always someone that gets his or her feelings just a tiny little bit hurt. So let me say right up front, that is not the intent of this rant, in fact you should definitely consider this more in the style of say a “Public Service Announcement” (PSA) and if you still think maybe just maybe this hits a little too close to home than by all means feel free to take it to heart, the rest of us are rooting for you!

The coffee drive-thru is a unique animal; not at all like the “fast food” drive-thru. For one it’s a beverage, not food, not a meal, no combos, it’s coffee. Count on it being busy in the morning, most people need that caffeine fix as they start their day… interestingly enough it’s pretty busy at night as well… the night-walkers need their caffeine too apparently. So the question I keep asking myself is… why oh why do we insist on acting like the coffee drive-thru is a fast food drive thru? Read more ›