I sit here wonderin if the worlds gone to hell
Got Tom Petty playin’ the stories we could tell

I cant find the words to splain the way I’m feeling
And I don’t know how to stop starin at the ceiling

So the tears fall and the memories keep flowin’
And there aint nothing for it but to keep goin’

Cause I sit here wonderin if the worlds gone to hell
While Tom Petty’s playin’ the stories we could tell

Great New Music Video

Great new music video from a good friend and very talented artist: Michael McArthur

Fantasy Woman – Michael McArthur

The Process…

I have been writing for a long time, I started with poetry and short stories in high school and have written for local magazines and newspapers, but mostly just for myself. I always considered it a hobby a way to infuse some artistic expression into what was and still is a very structured industry that I work in. My “day job” if you will, is providing executive management consulting to healthcare companies; everything from technology integration to revenue cycle management. I’ve spent thirty years in the industry and now have the luxury, really the privilege of working for myself. As much as I love what I do it wasn’t enough, two years ago I decided to get serious about my writing; I published my first novel last spring and my second this summer. It’s been a learning experience and like with most things I feel the more I invest in it the better I am becoming at it, imagine that right. Read more ›

TJ Jackson

… The hot white light of the spots illuminates the swirls of smoke as the heat overwhelms the whir and wobble of the small metal fan bolted to the top of the scarred and battered upright piano on the left side of the small stage. Stage is probably too generous, someone long ago had built a small platform out of 4X4s and plywood that the band somehow managed to fit on.  The outside of the piano looks like it has been rescued from some local salvage yard, but inside its polished, tuned and maintained as lovingly as any concert hall Steinway, certainly not what you would expect on the “bar stage” at Danni’s Drop Inn. The name was a holdover from another time, there never had been an Inn and locals had always just called it Danni’s, never had been a Danni either for that matter, but that’s another story. Read more ›

Ode to the 80’s

Ode to the ‘80s

Well I was listening to some XM radio this morning and it became obvious that I was going to have to write this…

So it’s Friday night and I’m headed to pick up my favorite girl, no not Jessie’s Girl, when Jack and Diane pull up next to me. Now Jack is a bit of a maniac and wants to drag, but even in my ‘Vette I can’t go for that. I pull into the drive already late and shout out the window “Come on Eileen” let’s get a move on. Now I’m hungry like a wolf but all she wants to do is dance so you know what we will be doing tonight. It is what it is as I like to say so I head down to Electric Avenue so we can rock the Casbah. Read more ›