Ode to the 80’s

Ode to the ‘80s

Well I was listening to some XM radio this morning and it became obvious that I was going to have to write this…

So it’s Friday night and I’m headed to pick up my favorite girl, no not Jessie’s Girl, when Jack and Diane pull up next to me. Now Jack is a bit of a maniac and wants to drag, but even in my ‘Vette I can’t go for that. I pull into the drive already late and shout out the window “Come on Eileen” let’s get a move on. Now I’m hungry like a wolf but all she wants to do is dance so you know what we will be doing tonight. It is what it is as I like to say so I head down to Electric Avenue so we can rock the Casbah. The usual crowd is there, over in the corner I spy the west end girls and there is Rick and Carla lost in love by the bar, yeah, it’s going to be another hot night in funky town. Eileen heads off to the bathroom with girls in tow I guess that’s just the way it is. The girls are back and I have to tell Eileen, “every time you go away I feel like someone’s watching me.” She doesn’t get a chance to answer cause Andy and his Sister Christian show up, never have liked that guy. He is drunk off his ass and even when Eileen tells him, “keep your hands to yourself,” he just says, “I won’t back down.” I finally have to tell him to “Beat It!” but the damage is done and this is going to bother me all night long. Even when I grab him up all he can say is, “do you really want to hurt me?” Well yes I do actually, but then a tap on my shoulder has me wondering who can it be now? Go figure of course just what I needed the Der Kommissar has shown up and clears the place out, now what are we going to do?

Of course my girl saves the day and with a careless whisper says, “the tide is high” let’s go hang out at the beach. I think to myself, I’ve been waiting for a girl like you, I am one lucky fella.


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