The Coffee Rant…

Now here is the thing about going on a “Rant” there is always someone that gets his or her feelings just a tiny little bit hurt. So let me say right up front, that is not the intent of this rant, in fact you should definitely consider this more in the style of say a “Public Service Announcement” (PSA) and if you still think maybe just maybe this hits a little too close to home than by all means feel free to take it to heart, the rest of us are rooting for you!

The coffee drive-thru is a unique animal; not at all like the “fast food” drive-thru. For one it’s a beverage, not food, not a meal, no combos, it’s coffee. Count on it being busy in the morning, most people need that caffeine fix as they start their day… interestingly enough it’s pretty busy at night as well… the night-walkers need their caffeine too apparently. So the question I keep asking myself is… why oh why do we insist on acting like the coffee drive-thru is a fast food drive thru? Read more ›

The Soul Collector

The soft rain had stopped some time after midnight leaving only a sporadic errant drip from the swaying leaves overhead the shifting patterns of their shadows chasing each other through the shallow puddles partially illuminated by the gentle hiss of the magnesium street lights parading down 5th avenue giant sentinels blind to the shadow silently passing beneath them. He came this way often passing unnoticed by the brick alleys of the older apartment buildings fortunate enough to have survived the onslaught of the glass and steel of the high rise condos surrounding them on all sides, his purposeful stride belied by the vacuum of silence emanating from within the folds of his cloak.  Read more ›